TAMURA ELSOLD bars and ingots

    Increasing miniaturisation, stricter requirements with regard to long-term reliability of complex electronic components and the correspondingly extended performance features make highest demands of soldering quality. TAMURA ELSOLD soft solders are therefore produced only from carefully selected virgin-grade base metals.

    TAMURA ELSOLD soft solders cover the entire range of electronic applications:
    machine solders, high temperature solders, special solders (low-melting alloys, solders for static baths).


            TAMURA ELSOLD Low-Melting Alloys [PDF]

            TAMURA ELSOLD Special Soft Solders for Pre-Tinning of Coated Wires & Special Applications [PDF]

            TAMURA ELSOLD Lead-free Solder Alloys for Wave and Dip Soldering Process [PDF]

            TAMURA ELSOLD Leaded Soft Solders for Wave Soldering Process [PDF]

            TAMURA ELSOLD Microalloyed Lead-free Solders SN100 MA [PDF]  

            TAMURA ELSOLD Microalloyed Lead-free Solders SN100(Ag) MA [PDF]

    Standard delivery

    Solid soft solders are available in the following versions:

    Bars and Ingots

    Triangular bars 8 x 10 x 400 mm in Bundles of ca. 25 kg
    Solder ingotswith suspension eyelets 50 x 18 x 600 mm
    50 x 20 x 490 mm
    ca. 3,4 kg each*
    ca. 3,2 kg each*
    Clippings for first filling 8 x 10 x ca. 30 mm  
    1 kg bars 20 x 20 x 335 mm 1 kg

    *Weight for lead free solder

    Other forms available on request, such as thick and wide rods, flat tapes, stems, thin rods, threads, solid wires, etc.
    TAMURA ELSOLD alloys comply with DIN EN 29453, DIN EN 61190-1-3 and TAMURA ELSOLD works standards. All alloys can also be supplied in deoxidised form on request.

    Deoxidisation tablets
    Deoxidisation tablets for solder baths with and without lead.
    - to reduce dross formation
    - the oxidation rate is reduced by a very thin phosphorous layer on the surface
    - recommended application: approx. 3 - 5 tablets per 10 kg solder according to application 

    Packing units
    Lead-free deoxidation tablets in bottles of 50 tablets 
    Lead-free deoxidation tablets in bottles of 1000 tablets

       TAMURA ELSOLD Deoxidation Tablets for the Lead-free Soldering Process [PDF]