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    Welcome to the TAMURA ELSOLD® download area

    If you wish to learn more about the brand TAMURA ELSOLD® and our products, this is the place to download our brochures, data sheets and PDF files. We will gladly provide you with information on solder products.

    TAMURA ELSOLD Product Catalogues:
    >> English Version 2021 [approx. 3 MB]

    >> Czech Version 2015 [approx. 2.7 MB]

    >> Italian Version 2014 [approx. 2.8 MB]

    >> Spanish Version 2014 [approx. 2.8 MB]

    >> Turkish Version 2014 [approx. 2.8 MB]

    >> French Version 2013 [approx. 2 MB]

    >> German Version 2017 [approx. 2.1 MB]

    Other TAMURA ELSOLD Brochures & Flyers:

    >> Flyer TAMURA ELSOLD Cored Solder Wire SN100 MA-S [approx. 800 KB]

    >> Flyer TAMURA ELSOLD Recycling [approx. 270 KB]

    >> TAMURA ELSOLD Image Brochure [approx. 2.6MB] 

    Technical Information:

    >> Specific Use of Ni and P in Microalloyed Solders [approx. 260 KB]