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    Reliability under the microscope - Comparative study of microalloyed lead-free soldering pastes

    Soldering pastes with alloyed lead-free solder alloys in powder form were made for the tests using the same soldering flux, and tested accordingly.

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    (source: productronica - April 2013)

    Lead-free micro-alloy solder - in highest quality

    In addition to a complete range of high quality solder alloys, TAMURA ELSOLD® now offers a world class innovation - the micro-alloys: TAMURA ELSOLD® SN100(Ag) MA and  TAMURA ELSOLD® SN100(Ag) MA-S. These solders are manufactured in a revolutionary process called “Frischen“ or “Freshening” which can be described as an ultra-grade cleaning operation.

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    (source: productronica - 2012)