Soldering of Aluminum

    Due to the dense and stable oxide layer, soldering of Aluminum is only possible when using very corrosive fluxes or special process technologies. TAMURA ELSOLD® Al-S lead-free flux cored solder wires now offer the possibility for direct soldering ofAluminum alloys and further difficult to solder materials - without special pretreatments or any special equipment. This makes direct changing form Copper to Aluminum much easier, using the existing processes and tools. For the first time, due to the innovative composition and new developed production processes the TAMURA ELSOLD® Al-S flux offers both a good and fast wetting and an improved corrosion behavior, which is normally the most critical point of soldered Aluminum joints due to the electrochemical potentials of the different metals and the high aggressively of the fluxes. By the use of modified Colophony as a basis TAMURA ELSOLD® Al-S forms a protection shield on the joint surface and reduces the risk of corrosion in the case of imperfect cleaning - for uncritical applications even using TAMURA ELSOLD® Al-S as a No-Clean flux is possible. TAMURA ELSOLD® SN100(Ag) MA-S additionally improves the wetting on Aluminum due to the high purity and the positive, scientifically proven effect of the micro-alloying elements.

    In case of a higher demand of flux, liqiud flux TAMURA ELSOLD® Al-L, which consists of the same effective components, solved in alcohol, can be applied before soldering.

    TAMURA ELSOLD® Al-P offers best solutions for soldering Aluminum alloys, which need a very high activity, in different soldering processes.

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    Datasheet TAMURA ELSOLD flux cored solder wire Al-S and flux Al-L
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