TAMURA ELSOLD - Strong in the Region, Successful in the World

    As a traditional company with strong local roots, we think and do business globally. Long lasting relationships with our customers, partners and colleagues are an elementary component of our past and future development.

    We handle the current challenges facing us as a manufacturer of soldering products with in-house production by providing high quality products and highly reliable delivery, but in particular by permanently enhancing products and processes on the basis of the latest technologies. In doing so, we are and remain able to compete in a highly competitive market.

    Traditional knowledge and the latest scientific findings paired with trusting customer relationships and a precise knowledge of the focal points and demands of our business partners consistently and reliably lead us to our goals.

    Our daily aspiration:  
    Staying attractive and competitive - as a strategic global partner as well as a traditional company on site.  


    The TAMURA ELSOLD Values are the foundation of our Enterprise Policy as well as the resulting Code of Conduct. While the values guide us in our everyday work, the Code of Conduct uses them to provide more specific guidance in relation to a number of issues.

    Enterprise Policy [PDF]

    Code of Conduct [PDF]