TAMURA ELSOLD - Leading Manufacturer of Innovative Soldering Products

    ELSOLD GmbH & Co. KG was founded in December 2010. At the end of 2017, ELSOLD became a member of the Tamura Group, headquartered in Tokyo. Tamura will support with global market strength and know-how to further development and expansion at the Ilsenburg site.

    Starting in 1954, ELSOLD GmbH & Co. KG has gradually developed out of JL Goslar GmbH as an independent profit centre in the area of the production, development and sales of soldering products. Today, TAMURA ELSOLD has established itself as leading manufacturer of innovative soldering products for the electrotechnical and electronic industries as well as for the solar industry. 

    TAMURA ELSOLD® is a guarantee of premium quality that satisfies the finest connection geometries of current building components and enables optimum solderability and great recyclability. 

    Testimony to this uncontested quality is not least of all the fact that the company is the only deliverer of soldering alloys and fusing agents for quality-conscious, European space travel. The automobile and solar industries also benefit from the quality and economic efficiency of the solder wires, soldering machines, soldering pastes, fusing agents, soldering materials and special soldering products. In close cooperation with customers, consumables such as soldering pastes, fusing agents and deoxidation reduction solutions are developed and optimisation possibilities of solder baths are evaluated.

    Thanks to these high quality products, the company is a recognised and competent partner in the electronics and solar industries worldwide.