Delivery service
    TAMURA ELSOLD's entire programme is produced in Ilsenburg/ Germany. This results in short delivery times and even JIT deliveries for special customer requests.

    Technical support and application advice
    We attach great importance to providing advice and support in selecting the right soldering products and processing parameters, in order to assure the quality of our customers' finished products.

    Changeover to lead-free materials
    The changeover process creates costs and triggers questions about the reliability of the lead-free materials. We can gladly offer our experience from successful changeover processes already implemented in our customer base; turn to us as your partner when it comes to competent answers for commercial and also technical queries.

    Technical Support

    Mr Dr.-Ing. Nils Kopp
    Fon     +49 (0) 394 52 48 79 21
    E-Mail  n.kopp[at]