The IMKS® process, the integrated metal plastic injection molding, mainly developed by Krallmann group, is an innovative solution of modern production technology. Process chains are shortened, production becomes faster and more economic, new scopes of design and technical solutions are possible.

    Metallic structures, as conductive paths, are integrated in plastic parts and electronic components as resistors or LED are connected, directly within the primary shaping process and within one single machine. Cables, pcbs,pressed screens and their production, placement and connection processes are not necessary anymore, if the electrical function is directly integrated. Furthermore, their needed space and the resulting limitations of design are omitted. Fluidity is a fundamental material property for injection molding. Also this property is optimized by alloy and process development of TAMURA ELSOLD® InjecTin®. Fluidity, characterized by fluidity length, is significantly improved by special TAMURA ELSOLD® production process and use of micro-alloying elements, especially by a content of Nickel and Germanium optimized for IMKS® process, in comparison to standard soldering alloy Sn99.3Cu0.7. To sum up, TAMURA ELSOLD® InjecTin® is the material, which fulfills all requirements of innovative IMKS® process: Lowest dross formation, longest lifetime of machines by non-aggressive metal and highest fluidity for best injection results.

    Micro-alloyed with Ni, Ge & P
    Special production process for best properties
    Best fluidity
    Lowest oxidation and dross formation
    Fine microstructure – improved mechanical properties and smooth surfaces
    Longer lifetime of crucible and machine components
    InjecTin Sn99.3Cu0.7: Highest cost-effectiveness
    InjecTin SAC305: Highest reliability
    Bars and massive wire

    Download TAMURA ELSOLD InjecTin Flyer [PDF]


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